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the vegetable seasoning for​...EVERYTHING

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vegetable seasoning?

Yes, it's a thing...

LOVE veggies but hate the way they taste? You're in luck, we've created MAGIC.  And this isn't just any type of magic seasoning, our vegetable seasoning is great on seafood, popcorn, poultry you name it!  What are you waiting for?  Give us a go!

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shake sum'

Magic in a bottle

YOU asked. WE listened. YOU'RE welcome

Want that veggie seasoning that's good on everything?! Trust me, you want it.

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We've gotta be delicious if we can make all of these colorful plates look mouthwatering.  Who knows, one taste just may have you hooked on veggies too!

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spice of the month:

black pepper

  • Black pepper is antibacterial in nature, therefore helps with cough and cold 

  • The piperine in black pepper is credited with the prevention of cancer

  • Digestion an issue? That same piperine eases digestion and stimulates the stomach

  • Looking for help with weight loss? Black pepper helps breakdown fat cells

  • Dry skin got you down? Mix crushed black pepper with honey and you’ve got an amazing exfoliant!

WebMD says balck pepper was once known as Black Gold - find out why here.

Image by Calum Lewis
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A Thank You...


Starting and sustaning a labor of love is no easy task. Heck, we've had to slow things down once or twice to over the years to build our family & live life.

That being said, we want to thank you, our fans!  If you've not yet tried our vegetable seasoning, we look forward to getting to know you soon and very soon so we can SHAKE SUM' gratitude on you as well...

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